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Official Language Cell

Functions and Duties of CAO/OL
Expenditure on Hindi activities during 2011-12
Rules Regulations used/held by the office
Committees existing as part of office or for its advice
Channel of supervision and accountability

Functions and Duties of CAO/OL

  1. To look after implementation of Official Language (OL) Policy, OL Act, Rules and other relevant orders issued by the deptt of OL and MOD, from time to time.
  2. To collect information from all the sections of the office in respect of those officers and employees who do not have working knowledge of Hindi/ Hindi Stenography and Hindi typing and depute them in Hindi classes being run under Hindi teaching scheme.
  3. To conduct Hindi workshops for officers and staff of the office to train them in Hindi noting and drafting.
  4. Celebration of Hindi Day/Fortnight, conduct of various competitions during the fortnight.
  5. Implementing different incentive schemes to promote use of Hindi in official work.
  6. To conduct departmental inspection programme to assess the use of Hindi in office.
  7. Preparations for parliamentary and joint inspections of the office by Parliamentary and MOD teams.
  8. To carry out all type of translation work from English to Hindi and vice-versa required from time to time.
  9. To invite articles, edit and publish the House Magazine, "Samvad". Release of the 'Samvad' on 14 th September on 'Hindi Day'.
  10. To conduct Official Language Implementation Committees (OLIC) Meetings and follow up action in respect of Hindi Salahkar Samiti and MOD OLIC.
  11. To collect data/information, from time to time and prepare and submit various periodical reports and returns to MOD/Deptt of Official Language etc.
  12. To look after all tasks related to the office library.
  13. To organise a grand 'Prize distribution Ceremony and 'Kavya Gosthi' in Nov-Dec presided by JS (Trg) and CAO to distribute the prizes to the winners of Pakhawara competitions and different incentive schemes.

Quarterly Bulletin / त्रेमासिकी

Expenditure on Hindi activities during 2011-12


A Brief on MoD Library

Channel of Supervision and Accountability