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Procedure and Fees for seeking info under RTI Act

  1. Write your request in English or Hindi specifying the particulars of the information sought. Requests should pertain to issues dealt by CAO's office.

  2. A fee of Rupees ten is to be paid alongwith the application. Fee can be paid in cash or by Demand Draft or Bankers cheque in favour of AFHQ/ISOs RTI Account payable at New Delhi.

  3. Handover the application and fee to:

             Administrative Officer,
             CAO/Grievance Cell
             Room No 74A, E-Block,
             Office of JS(T) & CAO
             Dalhousie Road, New Delhi, 110011.
             Tele: 23014770

    Alternatively, you can mail your application and fee to the above address.

  4. If application is brought by hand, AO/Grievance Cell will give you a receipt for the fee deposited.
    He will guide you to the concerned CPIO and ask you to submit your original application and a copy of the fee-receipt to the CPIO.

  5. The concerned CPIO will sign on your fee-reciept in token of having received the application and fees.
    Your application will be automatically processed further.

  6. The CPIO will examine the request to see if the requested information can be given, and - if so - will endeavour to make it available to you as early as possible.

  7. You may be required to pay a further fees representing the cost of provinding information.
    The CPIO will inform you about the fees to be paid.
    The fee can be paid in cash or by Demand Draft or Bankers cheque in favour of AFHQ/ISOs RTI Account payable at New Delhi. Deposit the fees with Administrative Officer, CAO/Grievance Cell and collect a receipt for it. The prescribed rates for such fees are given below:

    • Inspection of Records: no fee for the first hour. A fee of Rupees Five for every fifteen minutes (or part thereof) thereafter.
    • Print outs: Rupees Two for each page created or copies for A-4 or A-3 size paper. Actual charge or cost price of a copy on larger sized paper.
    • Publications: Price fixed for such publication or Rupees Two per page of photocopy for extracts from the publication.
    • Floppy or CD: Rupees Fifty per floppy or CD
    • Sample or model: Actual cost or price.

  8. You will receive the requested information or hear from the CPIO not later than thirty days from your request.

  9. If for any reason your request for information is rejected by the CPIO, then he/she will inform you the reasons for rejection, the period within which an appeal against the rejection can be made, and the details of the appellate authoriy.